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Importance Of Maha Shivratri


Importance Of Maha Shivratri

  • By Rohit
  • Feb 13, 2020

As the name suggests, this holy festival belongs to “devon ke dev Mahadev”, the one who is the life of all souls in the universe. Maha Shivratri is one of the highly auspicious Hindu festivals. Also, it gets immense respect in the hearts of every Hindus.  Here, in this blog, you will get to know all about this festival that Why is Mahashivratri celebrated when it will fall in 2020, and a lot more.

Let’s have a look.

When We Celebrate This Festival

Maha Shivratri 2020 is going to fall on 21st Feb. However, Shiv Ratri falls in every month, but Maha Shivratri takes place only once a time every year. This festival takes place during Falgun month as per the Hindu calendar. Therefore, the Falgun month is a very auspicious month of the year. There are various stories and believes that why is Mahashivratri celebrated. And, even, knowing this story may benefit you in lots of ways. It may make you feel good, and you may feel some pureness within the heart along with real satisfaction. 

The Stories behind This Holy Festival 

  1. As per belief, this holy day Lord Shiva marries to Devi Parvati. Therefore, this date becomes auspicious. and we celebrate it as the date of a highly sacred union of two powerful and pure divine energies.
  2. As per another belief, this eve belongs to the time of “Samundra Manthan”. According to various Hindu holy religious books, during the “Samundra Manthan”, there came a time when the universe was burning by the heat of Halahal poison. Everything and everyone was about to end up forever. The poison was so powerful that none of the Gods and Goddesses were able to find a way to protect the universe form this poison. Then, it was only Shiva who came forward to help all living and non-living beings. He swallowed the poison without any fear and made that day special, and memorable. Because of this sacrifice, his throat became blue, and he got the name Neel Kanth.
  3. Another belief about this eve is that on this day, the formless Shiv who don’t have any form, any shape, and size, appeared as Lingodbhav Moorti for the first time.
  4. Also, it is a belief that, on this day, the almighty Shiva released the holy Ganga on this earth. From that time, mother Ganga is washing the sins of all souls on this earth, through her pure divine water.

What To Do, And What To Not

  1. If you believe in lord shiva, then, on this day it’s very compulsory for you to avoid any Tamsik meal.
  2. Also, you should avoid using leather throughout the day.
  3. If Possible, then, do the workship as per rituals, but if not, then also, you must take the bath, and then, you should do the Ganga Jal Arpan in the name lord Shiva. He is very kind. To get his support, you don’t need to follow rituals, but it’s the purity of your soul, and, unconditional and true devotion toward him that can make him help you to overcome all hurdles of life. If your heart is true, and your soul is pure, Mahadev will listen to you for sure.
  4. If you want to follow all rituals, then, contact any best pujari for the same, and he will guide you properly.

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