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  • By Rohit
  • Dec 20, 2019

Christmas comes on the 25th of December every year and is celebrated on the birth of Jesus Christ. No one knows exactly the birth date of Jesus Christ but according to the ancient people, it is said that Jesus was born on this day. Even in the bible, the birth date of Jesus is not mentioned. After so many arguments, it is said that Jesus was born on 25th December. Since then the celebrations are made and people enjoy Christmas with full enthusiasm. They shop for new clothes and buy gifts for their near and dear ones.

On this day, it is said that Santa Claus comes and distributes gifts to all children. In most of the Hollywood movies, it has been seen that Santa Claus comes and surprises every child by surprise gifts and when they wake up early in the morning, they see a gift beside their pillow. Nowadays parents and guardians do this for their children. Parents surprise their kids with toys or something that they always wanted to have. According to the Jewish people, they go for winter trips or they decorate the trees with bells and sparkling balls. Now all Christians celebrate the festival with great joy and invite their friends over for dinner.

As the Christmas festival is the beginning of the extreme winter season, in most of the places in the world people have experienced first snow of winter. In India also, some of the hilly areas, it is observed that heavy snowfalls on every Christmas Day. 

What Is Done On Christmas Day?

People visit the church, light candles and pray for their family members. Christians community people decorate their home and do whitewash or bring some decorative items on this day. They even make a Christmas tree and decorate the tree with a lot of sparkling balls, shiny bells, decorative paper and small gifts. The Christmas tree is easily made children love to decorate the Christmas tree. Women in the home bake cakes for the entire family and invite their social friends and relatives to celebrate Christmas festival.

Nowadays, the way of celebrating Christmas has changed. People on this day give Christmas cards to their friends. And they party or book tickets for some show or event which is being held in the countryside. Some purchase items from e-commerce stores such as electronic items, clothing, jewelry or gifts for family and friends.

Christians Celebrations In India

In India, Christmas is celebrated not only in the Christian community but in the entire country with enthusiasm. According to the ancient people, it is believed that the savior of the earth was born to preach people about life and enlightenment. Jesus is said to be the savior of the earth. Nobody is sure about the birth date of Jesus but most have said that it was the coldest day of the winter season when Jesus was born. In India, people celebrate the day similarly as it is celebrated in the place where Jesus was born and lived.


Here the roman catholic Christian population is massive and many ancient churches are also there which was architectured by that period. The Catholic population is also seen and they celebrate Christmas eve, which is celebrated on the 24th December. They invite friends and offer sweet dishes like cake, pastry, etc. Also, make arrangements for decorating the Christmas tree and gifts for children.


Kerala is another state where the Christian population is more than the other states. In ancient times when foreign trading was done the foreigners used to visit the place for trading and somehow some of them settled here. They got churches constructed and celebrated the festival and since then people other than the Christian community started celebrating the festival. They bake cakes at home. Makes delicious cuisines prepare feast and drinks. Parents surprise children with gifts as they wake up early in the morning. Winters generally starts from this day and the entire winters heavy rainfall and snowfall is experienced.

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