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  • By Rohit
  • Dec 20, 2019

Easter is celebrated all over the world as the rebirth of Jesus Christ. It is said that Jesus Christ was crucified and was dead and kept in a particular place. After that time, one of the people went to see Jesus and saw that their body was not there. Jesus was seen alive the third day after his death. It was difficult to believe but this actually happened. There is a place where Jesus was kept and people all over the world come to visit the place and even the shrine of Jesus which is kept there since that ancient time. It is believed that God has sent Jesus to the earth. The reason being that people must follow honesty and leave cruelty and enlighten themselves with knowledge and equality towards everyone.

Jesus while dying on the cross said, “Lord please forgive them as they do not know what they are doing”. These were the last days that Jesus said and eventually after saying Jesus left his spirit. This was the most astonishing moment for all as the individual didn’t know what to do. People believed Jesus was the son of God and he died for everyone wrongdoings.  Christians in the entire world worship Jesus.

Easter Date

Easter never falls on a fixed date every year instead they follow astrology according to which both the cycle of the sun and the seasons are examined. The date is defined on a lunisolar calendar. No one knows when was Jesus born so the birth is also celebrated on easter. There are assumptions about his birth as we’ve read that he was born in Bethlehem and his mother Mary gave him birth in a place where horses were kept. Some of the people because of their orthodox nature, the date has been shifted to some other day and they celebrate it according to that.

Religious Practice

According to western Christianity, the festival is celebrated according to western Christians. It is practiced among  Catholics, Lutherans, and Anglicans. On the holy Saturday night, light, candles and water and reading are done at the catholic church and the various holy places on this day. All of this continues on Sunday too and in some of the countries on Easter Monday. In some of the countries in the early sunrise, bible reading is narrated.

In eastern Christianity, their calendars vary and they celebrate according to their calendar. They start with great lent on a clean Monday and at the end of the lent fasting is still going on till Sunday. The orthodox service begins late Saturday evening following Jewish traditions and this starts the holy day. The church remains dark until a priest lights candles in the church. The church is decorated with fresh beautiful flowers and many fragrance candles are kept in the various areas of the church. Officially, Easter ends after 49 days after easter day when people believe that God has sent his holy spirit to help Christians from all evil forces.

How To Celebrate Easter?

On easter, kids celebrate by painting eggs. The eggs are painted and decorated pretty well. Children were warned before to wear old clothes or keep something to protect their clothes while their painting as it gets quite messy. According to the old saying, it was said that the guardian used to hide the boiled eggs and the children were told to find and decorate them. Plastic eggs were also used instead of the original boiled eggs. They were more easy to paint them.

Easter baskets were also given to children which was filled with sweets and a lot of sweet items. On this day, you can surprise your children with sweets as the festival was more for children. Besides sweets and chocolates, cakes, you can fill the basket with toys or can give any storybook that interests them.  Easter brunch is also very famous among Christians. Christians invite their relatives for Easter brunch. They prepare delicious cuisine for all relatives with fresh-baked cake as a dessert.

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