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  • By Rohit
  • Dec 20, 2019

Holi is a colorful festival that is celebrated in the entire country with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. It is said that Holi is celebrated as a festival of victory of good over evil. According to scientific reason, the festival is celebrated in the month of Phalguna which generally occurs in the month of March. Summers arrive at this time and the flowers blossom. According to the different states, the way of celebrating the festival is almost the same. But the festival is famous in the region of Uttar Pradesh from where it actually originated. As the festival arrives, people of different states celebrate according to their environment like different cuisines are prepared according to the place and region. Way fo playing Holi in Uttar Pradesh is different than other states. They, in fact, prepare so many cuisines and dedicate them to Lord Krishna. There are so many pictures where Lord Krishna is shown playing Holi.

Holi Preparations

On this day, according to the latest reports, people come out with light color clothes. They bring holi colors to them and do a lot of shopping beforehand. There are various gadgets like Pichkaris that are available in the market in which Holi colors are put and played with the family members and friends. Nowadays, people are more into shopping as most of the online e-commerce companies offer festive deals with heavy discounts on most of the items. They spend more on these deals and less on holi nowadays. Eco-friendly colors are distributed in the market which is not harsh to the skin especially the eyes. Eyes are a very delicate part so colors have to soft and chemical-free. For such occasions, the government has strictly ordered to ban chemical colors.

For this festival day, women start doing preparations for so many days before its arrival. They prepare gujiya, mathri, and papri for all family members and give to some of their neighborhoods. All these items are prepared but before giving to others, it is offered to lord all mighty. Temples are beautifully decorated and cleaned beforehand. Women also prepare papads and potato chips for all on this festive day. In India Holi and Diwali are celebrated with very excitement. These two festivals are the major festivals of the Hindus and people enjoy and do whitewash before its arrival.

The arrival of Holi festival

As the Holi festival arrives, everybody especially the Hindus gets delighted and waits for its arrival for many days. People living in Varanasi and Hardwar go and bath in the sacred water on this day and visit the temple and chant matra and prayers to the devoted god. The festival comes in the spring season when flowers blossom and give a very enthusiastic feel of the environment and brings a new season of light and warmth. For its celebrations people love shopping and so they shop for the best clothes for the season and for the celebration. Usually, people are seen wearing white clothes and while they are playing Holi their clothes get colorful which looks very beautiful. At the time of the summer, season crops are ready and farmers visit their god to offer their first crop of the season. Only then they harvest and distribute and use them on their own and for business purposes.

Significance Of Holi According To Hindu Mythology

On the Choti Holi, people gather huge pieces of wood and make a bonfire which is called the Holika Dahan. This tradition is especially followed in the date of Gujarat, Orissa, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. People pray to the god of fire and also offer crops to the fire god. The newlywed couple is also made to take a circle of the bonfire and aksed for happily married and healthy childbirth. The ash left behind is sacred and people keep the ask safely as it is said that it protects us from evil forces. Holi also described stories of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Rama and Rati that took place in prehistoric times. It also depicts cultural significance and other Indian religions significance.


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