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Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day

  • By Rohit
  • Dec 20, 2019

15 August - Celebration Of Freedom

15 August is the day when India got independence from the British rule. The British ruled more than 200 years in India. It is the day of celebration of freedom and pay tribute to the great legends and freedom fighters who have sacrificed their lives for getting independence. This is celebrated by hosting an Indian flags. The Honorable Prime Minister of India every year hosts a flag at the great historic place Red Fort, New Delhi and then addresses the people of the country about the past achievements and future planning of the Government. There is also a parade by the three armed forces of India. The flag hosting is followed by the national anthem “Jan Gann Man” which brings Goosebumps in all the people of India.

In many places of India, flag hosting is done to celebrate this auspicious day. At army headquarters, different states, schools, colleges and society premises also people host the flag.  In these places the flag hosting is done by the superior of the organization. Students perform dance, sing patriotic songs and also play skits to celebrate this function. All the programs related to independence theme only. People used to dress in tricolor to fill and take deep in the patriotism. 

India got his independence on the midnight of 15th August 1947. India was divided into two countries India and Pakistan on that day. So Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on 14th August 1947.  On the day 15th August 1947, India celebrates Diwali by lighting the small lamp outside the house, whole night and day patriotism songs played and distributed sweets. People greeted each other and breathed air in free India. Since 1947, till date India is now an independent and successful country and one of the most powerful countries in the world.

It is the celebration of a historic battle which Indians have fought for more than 100 years to achieve freedom. Many lives have been sacrificed to accomplish this achievement. This struggle of India has inspired many countries of the world for their freedom. The non-violence campaigns by Mahatma Gandhi are honored today also. On this day army forces fire twenty one gun shots to honor the sacrifice of the legends. This day is observed as a national holiday, and most of the institutions are closed on this day.

India got to decide his own fate on the 15th august 1947.It got his name after the Indus River. Tiger is the national animal and Peacock is the national bird of this country. It is the second largest country and largest democracy country in the world. Lotus is considered as the national flower of this counter. Hockey is the national game. Furthermore, it is the seventh largest country. There are twenty nine states and seven union territories in this incredible India.  Due to many religions and different types of people India is considered as a country of Diversity.

On this day people fly kites of different colors and sizes. There is also a competition for kite flying across the country. Kite flying is done by all ages of people to celebrate freedom. Malls, hotels, restaurants and parks are decorated in the theme of patriotism. On this day every Indian flag is hosted and displayed to show happiness. Different types of cuisines are also made to represent the Indian flag tricolor. At home also females prepare delicious meals and sweets. People distribute sweets on this occasion.

On this day, many monuments of India are decorated with Indian flag tricolor lights. Several cultural events happen on this day in India. Outside India also, this day is celebrated by the Indians living over there. At Indian embassies across the world Indian flag hosting is done by the ambassadors. In Dubai, the great Burj Khalifa was lit with the Indian tricolor flag to celebrate the Independence Day of India. Moreover, the Indian Flag also featured on Times Square, New York, United States.

This is the day of India, for India. All Indians pay homage to the great freedom fighters for their endless effort to get freedom. The celebration is not less than the diwali celebration as Indian lit fireworks also to express their feeling of patriotism. Many Indian movies which are showcasing stories of independence struggle are showcased on television on different channels.

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