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  • By Rohit
  • Dec 20, 2019

Mahashivratri is one of the significant sacred festivals of India which is dedicated to lord shiv. This day is said to be the darkest night of the year. People believe that the yogic tradition originated. On this day, the planetary positions are so powerful that they upsurge energy in human practice. Mahashivrzatari comes annually had is celebrated in the hour of lord shiv and Parvati. The day is celebrated as their marriage occasion and it comes before the arrival of summers. In Hinduism, the festival is asserted very religiously and people all over the country fast on this day. On this holy day, people living in the remote dense forest who are a devotee of lord shiv come out of the forest and go to take bath in the holy places like Haridwar, etc. They are called the “Aghori”. They are away from the present world and completely give themselves to meditate and chant for lord shiv for moksha.

On this day, people chant prayers, keep fast and eat only fruits and drink milk and water the whole day and night. The next morning fast is over by eating food. There are certain things that you must keep in mind if you want to fast on this day. Some of the things are mandatory which one must follow if they are a disciple of lord shiv and want to fast for the day. Lord shiv is known for his politeness. If you take one step ahead God comes to you 99 steps if you pray sincerely and follow his footsteps in kalyug. Lord shiv is also known for his generous nature towards girls and females. Females pray lord shiv to bless his husband and family members as they are very generous towards human mankind.

Fasting Rules Of Mahashivratri

  • Start your Mahashivratri fast at the dawn and continue it over the day and night. The fast will get over the next day.
  • Clean your worship place beforehand in your home. Also pour milk, curd, honey, and water to lord and give them a proper bath by chanting their names. Belpatra is also dedicated to Lord shiv on the shiv linga with bananas and belpatra.
  • Bring clean white flowers, bring fruits and all the necessary items that you are going to dedicate to lord shiv.
  • Make sure you don’t prepare and eat non-veg or egg on this day and also avoid making it for your family too.
  • Do not cut nails on this day.
  • Do not speak much and never gossip about others. Never have bad thoughts or speak negatively about others.
  • Never sleep during the day of fasting.
  • Visit a temple nearby and pour water and milk on shiv linga.
  • On this day, you are advised to eat the only falahar which consists of sagudane ki kheer and potatoes. Garlic and onion to it are not allowed.

Generally, every Monday is dedicated to lord shiv and normally lord shiv disciples on this day regularly come to visit the temple and chant mantra. Lord ship loves white flowers so people come every Monday to shower white flowers on Shiv linga. Females who are unmarried come to the temple every Monday and keep the solah Somwar Vrat for a beautiful and honest husband. For sixteen Monday, the fast is kept and then you have to do the udyapan in which you have prepare food for many poor people and give them items that you can afford easily.

How To Celebrate Mahashivratri?

Light diyas in your holy place. Clean your worship place and bath your lord with milk, water, and curd. Now get all the necessary items. In case, you don’t know what all is required then you can search online or ask any pandit about it. You can even organize Jagran in your home or can visit the temple sing bhakti songs and dedicate them to lord shiv and Parvati. You can go for night long Satsang to nearby temples. You can also visit the places where musical performance is given by artists on this holy night. You can book online tickets to watch the performances of your favorite singers.

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