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  • By Rohit
  • Dec 20, 2019

Muharram - Religious Month Of Islamic Calendar

Muharram festival is the celebration of the New Year of Islamic Calendar. It is the first month of the Islamic calendar and a very sacred month as per the Muslims. According to the Islamic Lunar Calendar, Muharram is considered one of the holy months out of four holy months after the Ramadan. In the Islamic calendar, there are twelve months and out this twelve month Muharram is the first month. This festival is a significant and auspicious month for Muslims across the globe. 

The Muslim community believes that they should not commit any sin during this scared month. In this period of Muharram people also fast on a great day called the day of Ahura(the tenth day of Muharram). It is believed that, people who fast on this day of Ashura will kill all the sins of the previous year as stated by Prophet Muhhamad. That’s why many Muslims fast on 9th and 10th days of this month.  Muslims observe this New Year by prating to Allah, visiting the mosque, spending time with family, friends, and relatives.

Story Behind Muharram Celebration/ Mourning

There are different perceptions of celebrating this festival in the Muslim community. As Shia Muslims observe this day to grieve the death of the Husayn Ibn Ali but the Muslims who are Sunni celebrate this day as the victory of Moses over Egyptian Pharaoh. For the Shia Muslims this day is suffering and for Sunni Muslims this the day of celebrations. The Muslim community who follows the Shia Islam, they observe this day in mourn as the grandson of Muhammad, Hussein Ibn Ali was martyred with his family members and friends in the Battle of Karbala. In the year AD 680, he was murdered by the Caliph Yazid after question his legitimacy on the day of Ashura. Shia community remembers the bravery of Hussein Ibn Ali and his friends and family by doing mourning. During this month, the people of this community do not fight with each other. But the Sunni Muslims community celebrates this month as the beginning of the New Year according to the Islamic calendar and mark this day as reflection and peace.

Ways To Celebrate Muharram

Shia Muslims mark this day as the anniversary of the Battle of Karbala. They assemble at the mosque to cry over the murder of Hussein and also to remember the sacrifice made by him, his family and friends. On the 10th day, many people from the Shia Community engage in parades and self-beating. They use sharp objects such as blades, belts, chains or knives to beat them and cut themselves by chanting loudly “Ya Hussein”. Tazia processions are taken out across the world by the community to show sympathy. They also go on pilgrimage to the Shrine of Hussein which is in Karbala city of Iraq. It is also one of the holiest places in this Muslim community. But the Sunni Muslims mark this day with tranquility by fasting whole day. They visit the mosque offer prayers for well being of themselves and family members. They also attend special prayers and spend long hours in the mosque. They distribute foods among poor people.

Dates Of Muharram Between 2017 and 2022

According to the calendar of Islam, Muharram month begins when the first semi-circular of a new moon is viewed. It is a lunar calendar and it is ten to eleven days less than the solar calendar. This calendar is based on Saudi Arabia calendar the Umm al-Qura. For the date of Muharram between 2017 and 2022, follow the table mentioned below:

AH (Anno Hegirae or (Latin term which means in the year of Hijrah)

First Day 

Last Day


September 21, 2017

October 20, 2017


September 11, 2018

October 9, 2018


August 21, 2019

September 29, 2019


August 20,2020

September 17,2019


August 9, 2021

September 7, 2021


July 30, 2022

August 27, 2022

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