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  • By Rohit
  • Dec 20, 2019

Rakshabandhan depicts the bond between a brother and a sister which can’t be described in words. Siblings relationship and love are purely out of the world if you are celebrating Raksha Bandhan or not. This is complete a Hindu festival which is celebrated in India and Nepal. It was also rumored that some other countries also celebrate this festival. Not only Hindus but Muslims also celebrate the festival with great honor and happiness. According to astrology, the occasion is celebrated on the full moon day as depicted by the lunisolar calendar. It is celebrated on the month of Shravan which falls on the august month of the gregorian calendar.

As per Sanskrit’s saying, Raksha Bandhan is divided into two- Raksha and Bandhan. Raksha means protection whereas Bandhan means to tie. Sisters tie the knot of protection on their brother’s wrist so that he is blessed with good health and in return, he promises to take care of his sister all his life. The relationship doesn't need to be only between real brothers and sisters, it can be between your cousins, sister-in-law, aunt, nephew, and many relatives.

Significance of Raksha Bandhan In Various Religions In India

In Hinduism, the festival is celebrated with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. In the northern and western parts of India, people celebrate the festival and visit their sibling's home. Sisters usually prepare delicious cuisine for their brothers. Sisters tie rakhi to their brothers and give them and offer them sweet after that. Brother give gifts to their sisters and makes a promise to protect her from all dangers in the years to come. Well, in today’s generation, things have not changed at all. Besides India, in other parts of the country, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with delighted. Countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, and Mauritius are some of the countries where Raksha Bandhan is celebrated.

According to Jainism, the festival is celebrated but in a different way. Here the celebration is not between brother and sister but is between a Jain priest and their devotees. Jain priests give ceremonial threads to the devotee. This is the symbol of love and respect. It is the ceremonial thread that makes the relationship strong between them.

In Sikhism, similar to the Hindu tradition, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with excitement and love towards their siblings. Sisters tie the knot to their brothers and make the day special where brothers promise them to always protect them from all dangers. Brothers also give gifts to their sisters on this occasion. In the Sikh community, Raksha Bandhan is called as "Rakhri".

Several Stories Behind RakshaBandhan

Rakshabandhan is celebrated for many centuries and several stories behind it make it more pure and strong. Brother sister's relationship is just out of the world which can’t be expressed in words. There may be so many examples today but in the early or you can say in the prehistoric time things were a lot more different, unique and very honest towards relationships and other aspects. Let's discuss some of the stories related to this.

Indra Dev and Sachi

According to the ancient era, there was a war between lord Indra and King Bali. At that moment the fight went for a long time and then Sachi- wife of lord Indra tied a knot on the lord's wrist so that he is protected and experience victory. At that moment husband-wife relation with a thread was experienced strong. This was considered very powerful and before every war, the thread was tied to the person when he goes for war. There are different meanings and relationship to every thread they wear.

Krishna And Draupadi

According to the Mahabharata, Draupadi who was the wife of the Pandavas, tied the rakhi to Lord Krishna while they were arriving for war. Since then, it was said that a relationship is not only about being biological brother and sisters. Relationships can be strong enough if they are not biological and can protect each other. This way things went and turned another chapter.


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