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Rath Yatra

Rath Yatra

Rath Yatra

  • By Rohit
  • Dec 20, 2019

Rath Yatra is a holy festival especially dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Krishna. The reason being rath yatra is that every people can do the darshan of them as they come along with their aunt and elder brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra. The chariot festival celebration starts from a very long time of its arrival. There are some of the states where the festival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm. The rath yatra is taken every year where the lord is sent to meet his birthplace which is the Gundicha temple. The rath yatra is commonly seen in the states of Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal and in some east India states. The rath is wooden and Deula-shaped which is the main attraction and many people from all over India come to visit the chariot and the gundicha temple. In fact b, foreigners even come to see them and explore the history of that ancient period as there are various stories behind.

There are some of the rath yatras which is experienced in some nearby countries. In India, the rath yatra is seen in rath yatra in puri, dhamrai Rath yatra and the rath yatra of Mahesh. Puri is situated in Odissa for which people come from all over the country to offer something on the other to Lord Vishnu and Krishna. Rathyatra has various origins and meaning but events play a major role in social sharing and cultural significance to the organizers and participants. People participate in rath yatra and it is believed that those who participate in the yatra lord shower their blessings upon them and stay with them at every difficult situation. God gives them the strength to face every difficult situation and make them strong to overcome all failures. 

Chariot Wheel

 The complete celebration starts much earlier with the construction of the rath. The rath is usually constructed of wood. Most of the work is made of wood every year. The pieces are made one by one and then they are assembled together. After they are assembled and painted, they are decorated with flowers and other items. The lord is worn by beautiful clothes designed with various work and fabric used especially for this day. Tons of flowers are showered on them. People also shower flowers on them form various places as crows sometimes become unbearable to handle. So many devotees and volunteers run the chariot wheel by driving them with strings. The statue of Lord Vishnu and Krishna is the ones of the prehistoric period and since then they are being worshiped and decorated every year. There are so many mysterious stories about them that are still enchanted by people today.

Chariot Wheel Dimensions

The dimension of the chariot wheel of lord Jagannath is approximately 45 feet high with 16 wheels which are stated as Nandighosa. Whereas Balabhadra’s chariot is constructed 45.6 feet high with 14 wheels which are called taladhwaja. If we talk about Subhadra who is Lord Krishna’s sister chariot wheel is approximately 44.6 feet high known as the Devadalana. The chariot wheel of Devalana is 12 in numbers.

Rath Yatra Packages

If you are a devotee of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna and always dream of visiting the Jagannath puri in Orissa then your dream will be fulfilled for now visiting these sacred places is not at all difficult. Special Rath Yatra tour packages are available which you can look by visiting various sites. These sites offer customers a complete package additionally you can include the car festival tour package which will be more exciting.

In your complete Rath Yatra Package, you get a package with hotel bookings and transfer charges. You even get complimentary breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you have to manage on your own. You can even get it added if you want for which you have to pay extra charges. Delicious cuisine is served to you by the tour package provider. If you are planning for a rath yatra tour package, we would advise you to search online and compare the prices by other travel agencies.

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